As a first step when considering a move to live here, we encourage you to spend some thoughtful time with the ideas of living in community. The Living in Cohousing Questionnaire has been designed to highlight the primary aspects of community living. There are no right or wrong answers! This questionnaire is only meant to support you as you consider your specific desires, needs and expectations of cohousing. It can help reveal if cohousing feels like a good fit for you. Have fun with it!

The Introduction to Heddlestone Village will give you a outline of our vision and general orientation to our neighbourhood.


Beautiful 2 bedroom, 1 bath Home for Sale - $395,000

Beautiful, modern design home with hardwood floors, wood-trimmed windows and beams, drywall interior, high ceilings with lots of windows.  Views of the lake.

Washer/dryer, fridge, stove, dishwasher.  Covered front patio with large skylight and landscaped front yard.  Newly fenced, lush, green private backyard renovated for optimal drainage.

South facing, gardeners delight. Large storage crawl space.

Co-ownership in the gorgeous 4700 sqft Common House including a commercial kitchen, dining room, fireplace and living room, workshop/yoga room, art studio, teen room 2 guest rooms and 24-acre property backing onto the beautiful, forested mountainside at the top of Heddle Road – just 15 minutes from beautiful Nelson, BC.

All the houses and Common House are newly built with modern and tasteful design. The land here is South facing and over the last few years the permaculture gardens and fruit trees are growing abundantly. Other common amenities include a recently added chicken coop, bike shed, playground and sauna.

Heddlestone Village is a vibrant and thriving multi-generational community!

Feel free to contact us directly if you are interested or know of someone who may be interested.
Gabriel Keczan and Satsiri Khalsa


Charming Unit 10 in Cohousing Community for Sale or Rent by Owner $419,000 CAD

Great opportunity to experience living in a vibrant, multi-generational and multilingual co-housing community located approximately 6 miles from Nelson, BC. (https://heddlestonevillage.com/)

All units (24 units/12 duplexes) and the Common House were built 4 years ago.

Our unit is approximately 1,200 sq. ft., 2 floors (plus crawlspace/storage), 2.5 bedrooms, floor-heated bathroom upstairs with plumbing & electrical for washer/dryer, small washroom near front entrance/mudroom, hardwood floors (except for tiled mudroom and upstairs bathroom). Fridge/freezer & dishwasher. Heat pump/air conditioner, baseboard heaters & thermostats in every room, ERV/HRV ventilation system, well-insulated and comfortable. Covered veranda in front, pavers patio in back. Yard/garden space on three sides of house.

4700 sf Common House shares 5-6 meals per week, and includes laundry rooms, guest rooms, children’s play room, crafts room, kitchen, social gatherings area, fireplace and community activities … Beautiful views of the lake and of Nelson in the distance.

Common areas include playgrounds, gardening, composting, sauna, chickens and forest.

Hiking, skiing and cycling trails nearby. Beaches along the lake, and kayak, canoe and other watercraft rentals, lessons (hellmancanoes.com) less than 2 km away (residents walk or cycle regularly).

Contact Gerald – 306-276-1525 (Cell) Email: gerald.marchildon@gmail.com

For more pictures of Unit 10, please visit: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8SxLqxySgeiSzBYXA