The way we wish our community to be - our destination.

Welcome home to Heddlestone Village, a vibrant neighbourhood embracing what it means to inspire lives of joy, fulfillment, nurturance, and health; where a palpable sense of connection to each other and the Earth is nourished and celebrated, where our actions today serve as blessings for many generations to come.


Our role in manifesting our Vision - our actions.

We nourish the beauty of life within and around us by recognizing that how we live matters; sharing our stories, enjoying and caring for one another and working to co-create a more sustainable world.


The standards we hold ourselves to while delivering on our Mission - how we act.

Through the deliberate design of our neighbourhood we cultivate inter-connection; celebrating our children, honouring our elders, tending our gardens, and supporting one another with a spirit of reciprocity.

We welcome a wide spectrum of age, lifestyle and belief that enables us to discover the richness of diversity.

We value every voice through consensus and collaboration, honouring our commitments to one another while balancing our individual needs for solitude and personal privacy.

We cultivate conscious connections to our sources of food, water and energy, encouraging our community to be a thriving and inspirational neighbourhood for the larger world around us.

It is in our togetherness that we celebrate the uniqueness of our individuality and inspire one another to bestow that beauty into the world.