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Just $350,000

House for sale in Heddlestone Cohousing Village, just outside of Nelson.

2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. 850 square feet. Just three years old. Beautiful, modern design with fir wood, drywall interior. Washer/dryer, fridge, stove, dishwasher. Covered front patio with large skylight and landscaped front yard. Backyard newly renovated for optimal drainage. Leveled, graded, and ready for landscaping.

The floor plan is very simple, basically two staggered 15x30' sections with a few interesting jut outs and insets on the inside. We're just waiting on the square footage and floor plan diagram to send to you. Roughly, the house is 850 square feet.

Of course you get a whole lot more - a gorgeous common house with commercial kitchen/dinning room, fire place and relax room, studio, 2 flex rooms, 2 guest rooms. Other common amenities, including a recently added chicken coop, common gardens, a bike shed, and partially constructed playground and sauna.

Our asking price is $350,000. For more information please contact Matt Lowe at

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